BeebEm for UNIX


The source code to the last version of Beebem for GP2X, version 0.6-1:
25th February 2007beebem06-1.tar.gz

The source code to the current release (compiling instructions at bottom of page):
12th November 2006beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz44e6edc5c3e5fca9a84e2cddc4bf4858
 beebem-0.0.13_64bit.patchFixes compile errors on 64bit machines.
 beebem-0.0.13-keys.patchMaps missing keys.
 beebem-0.0.13_menu_crash.patchFixes F11/F12 menu crash.

Michael Firth's Aug. 2009 port of Rob O'Donnell's
Econet AUN support from BeebEm for Windows.
A copy of the AUN configuration file to be copied
to the config directory, as econet.cfg.
Note: Patch may be buggy, Windows port may be
further developed.

The source code for earlier releases:
15th October 2006beebem-0.0.12.tar.gzc388cbc01cc7fb53610acaae9361c284
28th September 2006beebem-0.0.11.tar.gz37f353c995765779a02f147b43f414c3
-beebem-0.0.10.tar.gz (Unreleased)
-beebem-0.0.9.tar.gz (Unreleased)
6th August 2006beebem-0.0.8.tar.gz 6f5fa5451190ee2ec6fae4d50dd321dd
6th June 2006beebem-0.0.7_fileselector.patchMakes the file selector remember where you've been!
4th June 2006beebem-0.0.7.tar.gz40544a3e029b558d384b51ea8a09636f
14th May 2006beebem-0.0.6.tar.gza661b4359bab1de82060a248daca22d3
-beebem-0.0.5.tar.gz (Unreleased)
26th March 2006 beebem-0.0.4_patch1.patch.txtFixes a font path bug that crashes BeebEm.
25th March 2006beebem-0.0.4.tar.gz4455ab4cb924155afd5437628f4ed268
-beebem-0.0.3.tar.gz (Unreleased)
-beebem-0.0.2.tar.gz (Unreleased)
16th November 2005beebem-0.0.1.tar.gz5d198d6eb19d93e3ec6b33704db148ea

The latest development snapshot (if any):
Latest development snapshotbeebem-0.0.14.tar.gz(Not available yet.)

Compile BeebEm:
BeebEm uses the GNU Auto-tools, so should be very easy to install on
any UNIX-like system.

You will need the gtk2 library + its headers (for the file selector),
and the SDL library + its headers.

You should follow the instructions below as the 'root' user if you
wish to install BeebEm in /usr/local. If you wish to install BeebEm
in your user account, then please add --prefix=$HOME/beebem to the
configure command below. This will make 'make install-strip' install
all files to $HOME/beebem/bin and $HOME/beebem/share (where you
have write permissions etc).

Download/copy the tarball + patches to /tmp, then perform the following:


cd /tmp

# Check that the file downloaded correctly (this may be md5sum on
# Linux):
md5 beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz

# Extract the tarball:
tar zxvf beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz

# Apply the patches:
patch -p0 < beebem-0.0.13_64bit.patch
patch -p0 < beebem-0.0.13-keys.patch
patch -p0 < beebem-0.0.13_menu_crash.patch

# Compile BeebEm.
cd beebem-0.0.13

# If you use FreeBSD, then you need to edit the configure script,
# so please look at the FreeBSD notes below at this point).

# Configure BeebEm for compiling:
./configure --enable-econet

# Install BeebEm:
make install-strip

# Clean-up
cd ..
rm -fr beebem-0.0.13


You should now store the tarball beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz + the patches
in a safe place.

The BeebEm binary is installed to /usr/local/bin/beebem
and resources are installed to /usr/local/share/beebem


To uninstall BeebEm when installed as 'root':

# Copy the tarball back to /tmp and decompress it again:
cd /tmp
tar zxvf beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz
cd beebem-0.0.13

# (For FreeBSD follow the notes again).

make uninstall

# Clean-up
cd ..
rm -fr beebem-0.0.13


If you installed BeebEm to your user account or the binary version, then
yuo can just delete the directory its in (of course)!


If you deleted the tarball and wish to manually delete BeebEm, then
BeebEm installs itself by default into the following locations:

# The executable file:

# Resource files (delete whole directory):

By deleting the above files BeebEm is completely removed from your
system manually.


Your user configuration files are stored in $HOME/.beebem. Please
be aware that the SASI/SCSI hard disc images are quite large, so
if you remove BeebEm, you may wish to delete this directory too.

All user specific configuration and hard disc images etc will be
lost of course!


Maximise your nostalgia by running BeebEm for the first time like this:

beebem welcome.ssd

It'll run the BBC welcome disc! Cool! :-)


FreeBSD notes:

The configure script needs a tool called 'sdl-config' to determine
where SDL resources are located. However FreeBSD ports will postfix
this command with the SDL version number, so 'sdl-config' becomes

So before running the configure script above, please edit this file
so that every occurrence of sdl-config, becomes sdl11-config.

You can automate that change with sed like so:

sed s/sdl-config/sdl11-config/g configure > configure2
chmod u+x configure2
mv configure2 configure